Tiffany Zaugg

Office Manager / Bookkeeper

I began college as an electrical engineering student and graduated with a degree in psychology so naturally I am now working as Mindfire’s bookkeeper and office manager. My love of physics led me to the engineering field. Although I enjoyed my classes, I felt that something was missing. Psychology was one of my general classes and it was fascinating! I realized helping people was the thing I was missing so I changed majors. After graduation, I worked for a few years in the field of abuse prevention before choosing to stay at home with my kids. When Nate started Mindfire, he asked me to put my organizational talents to work on payroll and managing his files so he could focus on the programming. I happily pulled out my label maker and the rest is history.

Most of my time is filled raising my children and passing on my geekiness to them. Sci-fi, fantasy, and comics are a staple at our house. I am still a science nerd at heart and doing experiments with my kids is one of my favorite things. I believe music enriches all aspects of life so I play the piano and the saxophone. I spend as much time as possible reading. I’ve become very inventive at finding ways to get a few more reading minutes into my day. Most of the time I have a DIY project or two in the works. There’s a certain thrill in creating something for yourself and, sometimes, in learning from the failures. I love to learn new things and I hope to keep that desire throughout my life.

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