Jeff Seeley

Senior Software Engineer

I'm a closet nerd. Meaning I'm interested in lots of nerdy things but tend to keep it to myself until I perceive interest from others or the temptation to share becomes too great to resist—that's how I snagged my wife. The less nerdy side of me likes running and playing racquetball. Actually, I enjoy just about anything that leaves me physically exhausted.

Anyone who knows me well would agree that psychology is a deep fascination of mine. I'm intrigued by neuroscience and how it plays a role in our decision-making, causing me to be a bit of a people watcher—I even own an EEG. I also enjoy casually studying history and the biographies of influential people, thus expanding my people watching to different cultures and time periods. Very fascinating stuff.

A close friend of mine described my sense of humor as "somewhere in the range of refrained absurdism." I have yet to hear a better definition. It's true. I like it subtle and ridiculous. And I don't mind if no one else catches it. I'm content to chuckle quietly to myself.

As a software engineer, I love architecture and design, though I tend to rely on someone who wear's a beret to point out how to make the front-end pretty. I'm motivated by challenging problems and new ways of looking at things. I believe I can learn from anyone, regardless of their experience and expertise. I also believe that I have a lot to offer. I'm open-minded and solution-driven. My goal is to deliver products that are functional, reliable, sustainable, and beautiful.


"Contradictions do not exist. Whenever you think you are facing a contradiction, check your premises. You will find that one of them is wrong."

-- Ayn Rand --