Jon Seeley

Senior Software Engineer

Growing up in a large family with access to technology, it is no small wonder that of the six kids, four of us are software engineers. I started building computers at 12, played around with coding in QBASIC in the 7th grade, self-taught some C++ in the 12th grade, learned Javascript and HTML somewhere in between with the publicly available advent of the internet, ran my own (very lame) BBS, cobbled together my own website with RPG-related materials, and lived a generally geeky life in my adolescence.

Ultimately at the constant prodding from my older brother I decided to try my hand at software development and learned that not only was I kinda decent at it, I actually really liked it as well. I've been employed or worked as a consultant in various industries over the years – professional web services, finance, vacation, government, real estate, medical information, and more. I appreciate the unique challenges each industry and software package pose and enjoy working through them.

Aside from the software world I like to spend as much time as possible with my family. For personal pursuits in whatever spare time I might conjure up, I enjoy video games, tabletop RPG games, board games, movies, and then whatever else my wife tells me I like.


"Why don't you make like a tree and get out of here!"

-- Biff Tannen --