Zach Thurston

Software Engineer

I'm more comfortable configuring a BIOS than writing a bio.

I got my start in the industry by way of PC gaming. I wanted to have a computer that could run all the games my friends were playing, and I poured myself into figuring out what hardware would do the job for my budget.

After telling a future coworker about my passion for building PCs, I started my professional career as a helpdesk technician and soon became the network and systems administrator; managing all the workstations, networks, and servers in the business. My first major project was converting some servers that were really repurposed desktops into a highly available VMware cluster. I also overhauled the security architecture of the company; implementing automatic patching, installation, and upgrades of all software, and added layered security throughout the network.

After my coworkers helped me realize what I really wanted to do was create software, I added a CS major three years into my degree and ended up graduating with a dual major in Computer Science and Network Management from Weber State University. Ive had my hands in all sorts of different technologies - web apps, iOS and Android apps, Linux and Mac apps. I love to learn and a good challenge. Having come up in the industry first as a user, I have a great taste for what works and what is confusing in software.

When I'm not crafting amazing software, you'll find me up on the slopes snowboarding, going on a Wikipedia binge, listening to one of many podcasts, or jamming out to some EDM.


Make the time to be scared of more interesting things.

-- Merlin Mann --