What Microsoft Technologies Should I Learn?

What Microsoft Technologies Should I Learn?

  • By Nate Zaugg
  • President / CTO


Microsoft technologies have been around for years and are often the most used language in older, more established companies. Their tech stack include .NET and other frameworks surrounding the Microsoft ecosystem. But, what do you need to know to become a web developer?

Whether you are thinking about opportunities in the web or mobile development, you gotta learn the basics. Here are what you should be learning

Plan What You Want to Do

There are many possible careers in web development. From QA to being a project manager, you need to figure out what part of this whole development ecosystem you want to be in. If web development is right for you, you should find that out in this quick read about web development skills.

Microsoft technologies start with the basics

If you are going to start, you need the basics. HTML, or HyperText Markup Language, is pretty much the whole internet. You have probably seen brackets like <title>, or [“hip”,”hip”] if you have geeky enough friends, but it seriously is necessary.

CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, are usually partnered with HTML. Together they create the framework of your website and pretty much does what you need to have a working page just between the two. But you need JavaScript, or JS, to give some flair, function, and features to your working site. Many online resources teach these for free!

Learn a server-side language

There are two Microsoft-specific web technologies you can learn, but for new developers, it is best to stick with MVC, or Model-View-Controller. Not only is it newer, but it has also been gaining a lot of traction.

MVCs are used for implementing user interfaces on computers, dividing into the aptly named parts. In the .NET environment, this framework is highly testable. Database is referred to as DB. Most jobs look for developers that have dabbled in databases. Most popular is SQL, pronounced sequel, or sometime S-Q-L. SQL allows you access and manipulate databases. Other technologies include Oracle, MongoDB, Firebird, Postgres, and MySQL.

Be open to learning more.

Even the most skilled developer continues to learn new things to keep themselves up to date. Technology changes all too often and so it is important to continue practicing your newfound skills and learning from others. There are meetup groups both in person and online where you can meet others that want to learn just like you. Try websites like CodeAcademy or Lynda to brush up on new technologies out there.

So to answer the question, what Microsoft technologies should I be learning, the answer is quite simple. Let for what you do. Technologies have advanced so much that you can integrate a lot of languages, frameworks, or libraries to whatever it is you are using. Mindfire Technology does its best to keep up with the latest trends so that when they do work, they use the move effective technology available out there. If you’d like to learn more about web technologies, the answers are literally just a few clicks away.


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