Power Vision 4

In an effort to revolutionize the motorcycle tuning market, Mindfire and Dynojet developed a mobile app which gives immediate access to tuning right from your smartphone, including access to hundreds of unique tunes for numerous bikes. The app allows users to easily purchase, store, and apply different tunes for different bikes, giving them never before seen accessibility. It also allows users to log and record important information about their bikes, from diagnostics to engine speed.

  • MAUI
  • .NET
  • C#
  • nRF Connect SDK
  • Bluetooth LE
  • UART
  • Azure


Our purpose in creating this application was to give bikers a new way to easily tune their bikes and manage their tunes.


It is a well-known fact within the Harley Davidson community, and within other biking brands, that motorcycles are constantly the center of modification and customization. However, unlike with most tunable cars and trucks, bikes are not designed to automatically adjust to major changes such as a new exhaust or flow intake. Therefore, it is almost a requirement when buying a new bike to also find and purchase a tune which can adapt the bike to the biker’s needs.

Market Impact:

As a result of this app’s release, the entire market (as hoped) has indeed been revolutionized, and Dynojet saw a massive switch in their customer base from traditional head unit and handheld tuners to the use of their new mobile app operated technology. Not only is this technology cheaper to produce and update, and also a best seller- but overall satisfaction with the concept is far higher than with traditional methods. Customers have gone from needing to purchase clunky single-purpose devices with limited future use to being able to just pull out their smartphone and their connected Bluetooth module and instantly gain access to hundreds of tunes and other unique features that would’ve otherwise required a specialized solution.

Not only has this changed how Dynojet customers customize and tune their motorcycles, but even other major tuning companies have begun to follow suit, seeing the massive advantages mobile app tuning has over the old tuners. It is simply the future of the tuning industry, and Mindfire is both grateful and thrilled to have played a part in its conception.