Erase Data

The importance of reliable data security grows every day. That’s why Mindfire partnered with TechEmber to create the popular utility program Erase Data. We couldn’t be happier with our finished product, which can be found at most major technology retail outlets such as Best Buy and Fry's.

  • C#
  • Xamarin
  • .NET
  • Angular JS
  • Swift
  • Gulp
  • Debian
  • SQL Server

Business Objective:

Digital content is not erased by simply pressing delete or reformatting the device – the data may easily be reconstructed. Erase Data uses smart algorithms to securely erase and overwrite data, ensuring that the data will remain unrecoverable. Customers who need the security offered by a fully-featured data destruction tool love the accessibility and simplicity of Erase Data.

Decidedly compatible:

A device that was only briefly exposed to sensitive information may retain that information indefinitely. Data crosses many devices, so it was important for us to build in compatibility for any device that users may have, including IOS, Windows, Max OS, and more.

Held to high standards:

The United States government presents several standards for the destruction of sensitive data. Depending on the organization and its operations, the standards may require very intense data destruction. Erase Data was meticulously developed to meet and exceed all major governmental standards. Even the rigorous standards set forth by the United States Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security are satisfied. Erase Data makes no compromises on security.

A better alternative to physical destruction:

Sure, destroying an old computer destined for the dump may be fun, but what about devices that may be repurposed? No one wants to resort to physical destruction of a device that may still have use. Unfortunately, physical destruction is the only method of secure data destruction for some. Erase Data allows users to secure their devices again and again.

Mindfire is a solid technology partner. They have overcome major technology hurdles, on our projects, using their knowledge and insight.

Iyar Koren, Senior Technical Fellow