Speed Brackets

Wanting to reinvent the Sports Bracket system with fresh ideas, Mindfire was hired to create Speed Brackets, an innovative method of managing your Fantasy Sports. Encompassing just about every sport on the planet, Speed Brackets allowed players to create or choose their teams, place bets, and watch live results. Moreover, as a first among these kinds of apps, Speed Brackets allowed players to change their bets mid-season (at a cost of points), in order to keep playing and earning points.

  • Xamarin
  • SQLite
  • Sport Radar
  • Azure


Our purpose in creating Speed Brackets was to bring a fresh and new feel to the already well established Fantasy Sports genre of apps. We hoped to reinvigorate players and bring new options not seen before in competing apps. Moreover, we wanted to build a framework that could be scalable as the app grew in popularity. Our app was built to be able to handle just a few users to millions of users without breaking a sweat.

Market Impact

Speed Brackets was able to accomplish its goal of reinventing the Fantasy Sports genre of apps, giving players the flexibility they’ve always wanted but couldn’t find anywhere else.