Swift Air Travel

Air travel and vacationing can often be a stressful and difficult process. You need to make sure you can leave at the right time, arrive at the right time and place- and know that when you get there, you'll have a place to stay and for the right amount of time. Seeking to solve this, Mindfire was hired to create Swift Air Travel, an engine and framework whereon all your flight and hotel booking could be done from one place, easily and affordably. Swift Air Travel is tied directly into live airline and hotel booking options, giving the latest availabilities and prices of flights heading to your chosen destination, and openings at all local hotels. It can be used in conjunction with existing websites, or within new sites and mobile apps, allowing for complete customization.

  • Umbraco
  • ReactJS


Vacationing and travel should be a time for relaxation and distraction, a time free of stress and full of excitement. Or, for those who travel often on business, it should at least be free of unnecessary problems and complications, allowing you to focus on what you are there to do.

Unfortunately, travelling by air can often be frustrated by complicated booking processes. Every airline has its own methods of booking flights and every hotel service its own unique ways of finding available rooms and calculating prices. While a diversity of resources and options is certainly a positive thing, it can also be quite confusing and difficult to navigate.


What if you could take all these different airline services, hotel booking tools, and other travel planning resources, and combine them all into one easily accessible website? Introducing Swift Air Travel, wherein clients could find a flight, book a hotel, and find all other needed services all from one website or app. Built as an engine, Swift Air Travel can be connected to any website or app, allowing booking agencies to get their service up and running immediately, and connected to the latest booking information. Moreover, Mindfire was hired in this particular use case to also develop a full website on Umbraco, making use of the latest and best website design technologies and techniques, giving users the best booking experience possible.