Together, Xerox and Mindfire engineered a scalable, flexible, and accessible solution to content management. With DocuShare, users can store and organize anywhere between dozens of personal files to thousands of technical documents. Today, DocuShare is respected as one of the best content management platforms on the market.

  • Swift
  • Android Studio
  • Google Analytics
  • Xcode
  • Gradle
  • Firebase
  • Follow Analytics
  • CocoaPods

Time to learn:

With thousands of code-lines worth of content, the Docushare project is a large undertaking. Our developers needed to learn the project architecture and form complete understanding of the codebase to work efficiently, and they needed to learn quickly. Project requirements encouraged rapid work, so we encouraged collaboration. Any roadblocks in progress were met with open communication and efficient collaboration.

Keeping up to date:

Changes in native platforms can define workflows. We needed to be flexible with development plans as the Docushare project encompassed the introduction of a new major release of Android. Thankfully, these difficulties were predicted, and plans were made to adjust monthly deliverables, called sprints, accordingly. Using Swift project management methodologies, our teams weathered the storms and created an app that functions beautifully on both old and new operating systems.

We used Mindfire to upgrade Xerox's DocuShare application on iOS and Android. Their work was spot-on. These guys know what they're doing!

Robert Bingham, Senior Director of DocuShare Cloud Operations