Z1 Motorsports

Z1 HotBox

Wanting to find ways to make motorsports tuning more accessible and easy to do at home, Z1 Motorsports worked with Mindfire Tech to create a companion app for smartphones to run alongside their HotBox Performance Tuner. This app allows the user to select the performance mode of the HotBox, log engine parameters and send those logs to Z1 Motorsports, and flash firmware updates to the HotBox module.

  • MAUI
  • .NET
  • C#
  • nRF Connect SDK
  • Bluetooth LE
  • Azure


Our purpose with Z1 HotBox was to create a new and innovative method of tuning Z1 Motorsports supported vehicles (Nissan, Infiniti, etc.) that allows users to have more freedom and accessibility.


As technology continues to advance exponentially, the tuning market needs to keep up and advance alongside or ahead of other mainstream services. New generations of customers continue to want to simplify and gain independence of their lives and services- shown heavily by the increasing amount of versatility smartphones and mobile devices are required to have. Wanting to get ahead of the curve, Z1 Motorsports hired Mindfire to help create a companion app that would allow their customers to use their very own smartphones to enhance their tuning experience, and at the same time expand their available customer base.

Market Impact:

Z1 Motorsports has seen an extremely positive reception of their new methodology of motorsports tuning, and has planned a whole new suite of products centered around mobile app tuning. Z1 HotBox is only the beginning to a whole new generation of great and innovative tuning products taking advantage of the ease of use and accessibility of smartphone apps.