We're software craftsmen. We write scalable code and build incredible products. We will help you staff up, or you can outsource projects to us. We've been coding most of our lives, and we're incredibly good at what we do (just ask our clients). Call us today! You won't be disappointed.


Sometimes it makes sense to completely outsource your development to a technology partner. We'll build a team around your company to handle every technology need, so you can stay focused on your core competency.


Have you already burned way too much cash on a project that's destined to fail? We specialize in project rescue and turnaround. We'll audit the existing code, make recommendations and turn your project right around. Don't waste another minute.


We’ll build the perfect cloud infrastructure to fit your exact needs. We’ll manage everything, so you can stay focused on what you do best. Our systems are fully redundant, co-located and run on the industry’s fastest bare metal.


Some problems require completely custom solutions, and that's where we thrive. We take time to understand the business case, so we can architect an elegant technical solution. Then, we go to work writing bullet-proof and scalable code.


Some teams have great back end devs, but need help with the polish, shine and user experience. We're full-stack engineers, and we get both sides. If users don't understand how to use your application they think it's "broken." Don't worry, we'll "fix" it.


Paas (Platform as a Service) and IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) cloud migrations are happening in nearly every enterprise the world over! The reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) for cloud services, along with the agility gained from these platforms cannot be matched. The only thing that stands in the way of reaping the benefits is migrating your existing apps to the cloud! It can be a big job, but we know the best way to get from here to there.


Big Data is here! Using the right solution to solve the write data problem is the key to unlocking the potential of Big Data. Unlocking the potential in data you already have can open all kinds of opportunity for your organization. Let us help you unlock Big Data at your organization.


Architecture is extremely important from the single application to the large enterprise! Good architecture means quickly implementing new features, being able to change code quickly, being able to pivot into other things, and a much lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) during the SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).


Every organization, small and large alike, have different systems they wish worked better together. Having the right integrations can make all of the difference! Let us help you get your POS data to your CRM, or integrate your CMS with your App. When you understand the benefits and saved effort of integration, you'll wish you started with us years ago.


You're a startup with limited budget, and you have huge expectations for your new baby. We get it, we've been in your shoes. We'll build an MVP that'll allow you to test your concept in the market, then we'll iterate over and over until interested tire-kickers become actual PAYING customers.

Reverse Engineering

Are you missing the source code for any of your executables? Are their security vulnerabilities in any of your older applications? Do you have legacy applications that need reverse engineered and re-engineered? We work with private sector and government agencies to breathe life into old applications by reverse-engineering, patching, updating and re-engineering legacy software.

In Their Words

We used Mindfire to upgrade Xerox's DocuShare application on iOS and Android. Their work was spot-on. These guys know what they're doing!

thumb Robert Bingham
Senior Director of DocuShare Cloud Operations - Xerox Corporation

Mindfire has been a great partner. We get exceptional service from them, and they do exceptional work! We couldn't be happier.

thumb Jennnifer Dunyon
VP Communications - Getaway Today Vacations