Partner With Us for All Your Tech Needs

Outsource your development to us.

Sometimes it makes sense to completely outsource your development to a technology partner. We'll build a team around your company to handle every technology need, so you can stay focused on your core competency.

Many of our clients partner with us by completely outsourcing all their technical needs to us: sales websites, custom web applications, mobile apps, back-end systems, integrations, payment processing, point-of-sale systems, managed hosting, cloud migration, architecture, data, automation - all of it. They partner with us for several reasons:

  1. Recruiting Costs WAY Too Much Time & Money
  2. Hiring The Right Blend of Experience Is Crucial
  3. Cohesive Teams Produce Better Products

Recruiting Costs WAY Too Much Time & Money

Use our proven team to build your software.

If you've tried recruiting for technical positions recently you know that the demand for tech talent is at an all-time high. It's extremely tough to find talented engineers that:

  1. Are incredible coders,
  2. Fit in with your company's culture, AND
  3. Are interested in making a career move.

Most are already gainfully employed, enjoy where they work and aren't eager to change jobs. Unemployment rates are extremely low and competition to hire is terribly fierce. Often you're competing against companies with unrealistic comp plans, lucrative retirement matching, billiards, massage chairs, ping pong tables, corn hole, relaxation stations and commercial kitchens with top-tier chefs. Plain and simple, hiring technical talent is an uphill battle.

Hiring The Right Blend of Experience Is Crucial

Hire our experience instead of taking chances.

Different projects require different skill sets, and chances are you don't have specialists on staff to pair with every business initiative. That's where we come in.

We have several full-stack software teams that can quickly acclimate themselves to your project and start making an impact immediately. Most of our engineers have been in the industry for well over ten years and have built and worked on a large number of systems. Their experience directly benefits your company because they're not learning the ropes on your project. Chances are, they've already built something very similar to your project and can help you navigate the technical waters without dumping your money into on-the-project "learning."

If you just need to fill the skill gaps in your team, great. If you need a full team, we'll take care of you.

Cohesive Teams Produce Better Products

We already work well together.

Partner with Mindfire, and bypass all the pain of forming, storming and norming to finally get to performing. We've already formed, stormed and normed; now we just perform.

It's been proven time and time again that teams that get along well and communicate clearly perform the best. We've been working with each other for several years now, and we know how to maximize our own strengths and abilities. We put aside egos and pride ourselves in building great software, together. We constantly teach and learn from each other in order to produce a better product.

We're a finely tuned machine, and we love what we do. We still disagree from time to time, but we know how to turn healthy disagreement into product improvement.

Our partnership with Mindfire has been amazing! We feel safe knowing our technology is being managed by a talented team of engineers.

Troy Brazell | CEO, Optima Fantasy Sports