Web & Mobile Application Development

We've been building enterprise level web applications for decades and mobile apps since the app stores went live. We've worked on so many systems that we rarely encounter a problem we haven't already solved.

Software is the great lubricator of business processes. It can increase efficiency, automate processes and drastically improve decision making. It can improve communications, provide accurate and timely data, track performance, and build significant sales momentum. It's everywhere. It's also indispensable in today's competitive world.

Whether you need a completely custom web application, a very specialized mobile app or both, we've got you covered. We have an outstanding reputation for creating innovative solutions that solve our clients' needs and add value to their bottom line.

Web Applications

Web applications are everywhere. Any useful web-enabled application, whether it be web or mobile, uses the internet and needs a web application to run properly.

Web applications regularly communicate with a database through a web interface, and they usually need an administrative portal for account setup, account deletion, settings changes and more. Most of the time they are expected to integrate with other software systems for efficiency purposes.

We can build simple or elaborate integrations to any systems on the market, including CRM's, ERP's, bookkeeping, data warehouses, 3rd-party data providers and more. If you need any of the items listed above, you need a web application.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are built as laser-focused tools. Some are used for actively or passively collecting data. Some are used as integration points, like the Uber mobile app that connects networks of riders to live inventories of drivers or how Amazon and eBay connect buyers to sellers. Other mobile apps are used purely for entertainment, like Pandora or Netflix. Others are used for communication like Gmail, Snapchat or Twitter.

Each of the apps mentioned above have companion web apps that at least partially power the functionality of the app.

When you look at it this way, nearly every mobile app needs accompanying features found in a web apps which means that if you're building a mobile app, it's very likely that you'll need both types of apps, web and mobile.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is crucial, no matter what type of web application you build. An application or website that is built 'responsively' will adapt to the size of screen used by the user.

Responsive web pages look great on a 33" office monitor and scale down to look equally amazing on an iPhone or Android phone. Often times images stack on top of each other rather than displaying 2 or 3 images wide. The same goes for content.

In the words of our team, 'These guys are awesome!' They did a great job building an app across multiple platforms and we were able to work with them to prepare for release. In future dev projects on mobile or web I would definitely recommend working with these guys!

Peter West, CEO - Seva Development